Designer, artist, feminist.

I’m a designer and artist with a passion for all things print media; I got my start as editor of the school paper and have co-founded several publications. I was the art director and lead animator for the documentary Heretics — the story of a feminist art collective — that premiered at the MoMA in 2009. I led the design of Co-opoly: the Game of Cooperatives, which was featured at the BMW Guggenheim LAB in 2011 and has sold copies in over 30 countries. My experience organizing civic hackathons led me to Code for America, where I currently manage the visual brand and lead design workshops.

For my thesis project at Hampshire College, I wrote and designed three books about design and culture, focused on the ampersand (&) and created an interactive scavenger hunt about typography.

Things I love to talk about: typography, civic hacking, games for change, feminism, health literacy, accessibility, storytelling, methods for connecting strangers in public space, circus

Things I love to look at: ampersands, maps, gifs, mountains, slab serifs, faded letters on buildings, the ocean, old boy/girl scout handbooks

Past Speaking Engagements

  • Code for Japan Summit 2015: Keynote Address, How to Design Better Government
  • Civic Design Camp Chicago 2015: How To Design How Tos
  • Code for America Summit 2014: Tear Down, Build Up: YOU Can Design Better Health Information
  • HxRefactored 2014: Making the Safety Net Smarter
  • Civic Design Camp 2014: Fantastic Flyer Design
  • TEDx Shelburne Falls 2013: Hack Your City (View the video)
  • Hack for Western Mass 2013: Hackathon Bootcamp and Introduction to Design
  • Healthcare Experience Design 2013: Reader-Centered Design for Health Communication (View the video)
  • Usability Professionals Association, Boston 2012: Reader-Centered Design for Health Communication
  • Reproductive Rights Conference (CLPP) 2012: Graphic Design 101 for Activists
  • Reproductive Rights Conference (CLPP) 2011: Arts and Activism Panel Member
  • Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) Conference 2009: Graphic Design 101 for Activists

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