Various hand lettering projects. 2011 – Present

Hack For Western Mass - By The Numbers

Hack for Western Mass

I helped organize and designed outreach materials for a local civic hackathon. 2013.


Ampersand Project

I wrote and designed three distinct but complementary books about typography, centering around ampersand (the & symbol). 2010.


Health Literacy Hackathon

I helped organize the first Health Literacy Hackathon, hosted by CommunicateHealth. I designed the branding and website, helped coordinate outreach and marketing, and provided design mentorship during the event. 2012.



I helped re-design Hampshire College's web platform for students, faculty, and staff. I designed the visual framework with Parimal Satyal, and assisted with formative research and user experience with the Improving theHub team. 2010.

One Step At A Time

Type Tape Murals

There’s nothing I love more than giant, tactile typography. I make typographic murals out of masking tape. Read more about them here. 2011 – Present

Coopoly Game Box 2012


I worked with the Toolbox for Education and Social Action to design Co-opoly, a board game about worker co-ops. Now sold internationally! 2009-2012.


Candid Photography

Photos from various travel adventures and circus tours. 2006 – 2012


Animation Reel

I was the co-Art Director and lead animator on the Heretics, a feature-length documentary film about a feminist art collective. 2007-2009.



All the letters of the alphabet can be found in your bike, if you know where to look. 2009



Posters for theater productions, events, and public service announcements. 2007 – 2010

Molly McLeod Business Cards back

Business Cards

The latest iteration of my business cards — I design new ones every year. This year I used a flow chart to keep them versatile, and added a hand-made touch by painting each one. 2012.